Community Amenity Contributions: Balancing Community Planning, Public Benefits and Housing Affordability

Author: Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

The purpose of this guide is to help local governments understand the risks, challenges and recommended practices related to obtaining community amenity contributions (CACs).

REDMA Changes

Bill 17 – 2014:  Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2014

Memo to Council: Urban Development Institute (UDI) Liaison Committee

Doug Gilchrist, Division Director
Community Planning & Real Estate

MLA Panel Presentation

Norm Letnick, MLA for Kelowna-Lake Country
Steve Thomson, MLA for Kelowna-Mission

MLA Panel Presentation from UDI Okanagan Luncheon – October 11, 2013

CMHC Forecast Presentation

Paul Fabri, Senior Market Analyst, CHMC

CMHC Forecast with Paul Fabri from UDI Okanagan Luncheon – September 26, 2013

Letter to Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Andrew Bruce, Melcor Lakeside Inc.
President, Board Member, UDI-Okanagan Chapter

On September 26, 2013, UDI Okanagan sent a letter to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development on the unintended consequences of Community Amenity Charges (CACs)

Development 101 Presentation

Author: (UDI) Urban Development Institute – Okanagan Chapter

Development 101 Presentation to the City of Kelowna – April 25, 2012