UDI Okanagan has a number of municipal liaison committees as well as various steering and ad hoc committees that contribute to the overall effectiveness of UDI Okanagan in achieving its goals and strategic imperatives.

The current list of UDI Okanagan committees includes:

Sponsorship Committee Chair:
Bob Callahan
Membership Committee Chair:
Bob Brown
Golf Tournament Committee Chair:
Gail Temple
Media Communication/PR Committee:
Chair:  Mary Lapointe
Kelowna Municipal Liaison Committee:
Chair:  Kevin Edgecombe
Technical Issues Committee:
Chair:  Matt Cameron
West Kelowna Municipal Liaison Committee:
Chair:  Rick Miller
District of Lake Country Municipal Liaison Committee:
Chair:  Don Erdely
District of Peachland Municipal Liaison Committee
Chair: Keith Funk
DCC Review Committee:
Chair:  Andrew Gaucher
Speakers & Events Committee:  
Co-Chairs: Gail Temple & Renee Wasylyk
Policy & Education Committee:  
Chair:  Andrew Gaucher
U40 Committee:
Chair:  Ben Rawlinson
Past Presidents Committee
Chair: Andrew Gaucher
Development 101 Committee
Chair: Sean Hughes
OCP Committee
Chair: Andrew Gaucher
Conference Committee:
Chair:  Kevin Johnson
Affordable Housing Committee:
Chair:  Scott Butler

For more information about any of these committees or to inquire about any openings, please contact Jennifer Dixon  at 778-478-9649.