The Urban Development Institute (UDI) is a national association (with international affiliations) of the development industry and its related professions.  The corporate members of the UDI – Okanagan Chapter represent hundreds of individuals involved in all facets of land development and planning, including: developers, property managers, financial lenders, lawyers, engineers, planners, architects, appraisers, real estate professionals, local governments and government agencies.

UDI Okanagan has been in existence since 1992 and is governed by a Board of leading industry practitioners responsible for the strategic direction of the organization.

As a Partner in Community Building, the UDI Okanagan is committed to working with communities and governments to create and achieve the vision of balanced, well-planned, sustainable and affordable communities.  For more information about our municipal liaison committees and other ad hoc committees, click here.

UDI Okanagan Policy Documents

A core aspect of the value that UDI Okanagan provides to members is the important policy work that it engages in on behalf of the development industry. To view a small selection of UDI Okanagan’s policy work, click here.

Historical Development Cost Charge (DCC) Rates for City of Kelowna

2007 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 9728
2008 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 9905
2009 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 10117
2010 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 10391
2011 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 10515
2011 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 10589
2016 – City of Kelowna DCC Bylaw 11207