The core purpose of the Building Our Community Urban Development Institute Okanagan Sign program is to showcase the positive impact that Urban Development Institute Okanagan member developments have on the economy and the community at large.

This sign program is intended to help elevate the public’s perception and level of trust of the development community and reframe the industry as community builders working in partnership with the community for the greater public good. This will also provide a benefit to Urban Development Institute Okanagan members by providing them with the opportunity to showcase the community benefits of their developments.


Simply put, this sign program consists of Urban Development Institute Okanagan member developers working with the Urban Development Institute Okanagan Office to place a sign on their development that showcases three key economic or social benefits that the project brings to the community. Along with the three economic or community benefits, this sign will also feature the name of the program, which is Building Our Community, along with the Urban Development Institute Okanagan logo and contact details for further information about the project.


The Building Our Community Urban Development Institute Okanagan Sign program is open to any interested Urban Development Institute Okanagan members. 

To participate in the program, developers must adhere to certain rules and restrictions:

  • The developer must be a member in good standing of UDI Okanagan for the duration of the developer’s participation in the sign program and must abide by the Code of Conduct of UDI Okanagan.
  • The developer must complete the registration form as well as all of the other necessary steps.
  • There must be projected or actual economic or community benefits associated with the development.
  • The developer must agree to provide UDI with a written confirmation of the benefits that are being advertised and must ensure UDI’s sign-off on the final form of the sign prior to posting.
  • To maintain consistency across the program, the developer can select up to two economic, community or environmental benefits associated with the particular development to be showcased. These benefits must be selected from the following list of suitable benefits:
    • Investment in construction activity
    • Infrastructure investment
    • Development Cost Charges (DCC) Contribution
    • Estimated Number of jobs created
    • Estimated Number of long-term jobs created
    • Environmental benefits/contributions
    • Environmental benefits
    • Social and other community benefits
    • Number of homes created
  • The developer also has the option of showcasing the economic impact of the project. In this case, the developer must enlist an independent, third party appraiser/verifier/CA firm that is a member of UDI, to provide the UDI office with the verified numbers associated with the economic impact of the project. The developer must request that this third party verifier submit this information to the UDI office along with a letter verifying the accuracy of the information provided and that the Terms of Reference for the program have been adhered to.
  • The developer must agree that Urban Development Institute Okanagan maintains ownership of the sign and reserves the right to remove the sign at any time for any reason.
  • In order to foster and maintain a high level of credibility and trust for the Building Our Community Urban Development Institute Okanagan Sign Program, the developer must agree to maintain the accuracy of the sign for the duration of enrollment in the program. Developers must agree to update their sign within a two week timeframe if there are any changes to the benefits outlined on the sign. Failure to do so could result in the Urban Development Institute Okanagan Chapter exerting its right to have the sign removed.


The signs are printed on one side and are each 4’ x 8’ in size. They are made out of a material called striker that has a honeycomb interior to give it strength (striker is similar to alupanel in size, shape and scope but is a lighter material). Developers have the option of customizing their sign by submitting a photo of the community they are within (ie: a photo of downtown if it is a downtown development, etc.) or of using a default picture that depicts the Okanagan area.

Below is an example that gives a good idea of what the signs look like:



The first 10 developers who enroll into the program will have the cost of their signs covered by the UDI Okanagan office. Otherwise, the initial cost for the first sign on a newly enrolled development is $400.00. This fee covers the cost to create the sign and any other administrative expenses related to the ongoing operation of the program. If the developer chooses to have the sign installed, there is an additional fee (approx. $90 + GST for the installation).

The developer can also choose to have a second sign on their property that displays three additional economic, community or environmental benefits of the project. These additional benefits must still be selected from the list of suitable benefits to showcase. The cost of a second sign is $325.00.

If for any reason the developer needs to replace an existing sign, the cost is $250.00.



To enroll in the program, simply complete the form (form included below) and submit to the Urban Development Institute Okanagan office.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Dixon, Executive Director, Urban Development Institute Okanagan at 778-478-9649 or email:  [email protected]

Enrollment Form

Replacement Sign Form


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